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How do I read the Course Records in Degree Navigator?


Degree Navigator (DN) does not support spaces within course prefixes.  As an example,
P SC 2503 will be displayed as PSC2503.

Each course in Degree Navigator will contain a string of information and special indicators that allow for rules to be written to include or exclude the courses.

     2004F     PSC2503     2     A     Fall, tr, SR, id, notgened, OT, International Relat, Princeton University

This course carried two hours credit. It was a transfer course from Princeton University, titled there "International Relat". This course was taken Fall 2004. The grade was A. It was not a General Education Approved course. It was lower division. It was taken at a Senior institution (not a junior college). It was from outside the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.
Use of a pop-up blocker will prevent Degree Navigator from displaying many of its features.  Please modify your software settings to allow DN to create pop-ups.


Legend: General Education : EN1,EN2(English Composition),PSC (Political Science),HIST (AmericanHistory), MATH, OTH (Other), SS(Social Sciences),WC(Western Culture), NWC(Non-western Culture), AF(Understanding Artistic Forms), NS (Natural Science Non-Lab), NSL Natural Science Lab), CAP (Capstone Experience)
Course attributes: hon =Honors ♦corr =correspondence ♦ adv =advanced standing ♦ lib =liberal arts ♦ tr =transfer ♦ ld =Lower Division ♦ ud =Upper Division ♦ old =more than ten years old ♦ lab =laboratory ♦ is =Independent Study ♦ OT =course taken outside the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education ♦OSS =course from inside Oklahoma SSHE ♦ SR =Senior Institution ♦JC =Junior College ♦ rp =course has been repeated ♦ o =course has been forgiven, reprieved or renewed ♦ Comp = meets Computer Literacy ♦unequated =No OU equivalent ♦ notgened =not applicable toward General Education ♦ rem =remedial ♦ pe= Physical Education ♦ MSC =Military Service ♦ skl =skills or technologicalcoursework ♦grade suffixes: # =forgiveness ♦ @ =renewal ♦ ^ =reprieve ♦ ~ =pe ♦* =rem ♦ pe= Physical Education ♦ MSC=Military Service ♦ BSC=Basic Training ♦ skl=skills or technological coursework ♦ SA=Transfer Advanced Standing ♦ WEB=online ♦ AG=graduate credit ♦ Grcr=Graduate credit outside the college ♦ REEX=Reciprocal Exchange ♦ SBOU=Study Abroad OU ♦ SBOT=Study Abroad Transfer
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